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Rising damp or water ingress can often cause major problems for homeowners and decorators – particularly in solid-walled Victorian properties.

However, many times damp areas are plastered and re-plastered, the problem of salt deposits and flaky paint keeps reoccurring.

This is because conventional fillers – such as gypsum or plaster – are only suitable for dry conditions. Even a small amount of moisture will cause them to partially dissolve, with the dissolved salts being deposited at the surface leaving furry white efflorescence.

Repairing areas at risk from damp or water ingress, or areas which have suffered from damp such as kitchens or bathrooms often requires the use of specialist fillers or smoothers that can withstand moisture and rising damp.

After extensive market-research, we came up with a new versatile product to combat this common problem.

Dunlop Pro Décor Fibre Reinforced Smoothing & Filling Compound is a cement-based filler that can be used in both internal and external areas.

Suitable for repairing cavities, holes, grooves and for patching of facades before applying paint or wallpaper, Dunlop Fibre Reinforced Smoothing & Filling Compound is formulated with certain microfibres that significantly enhance the performance of the product, meaning it withstands any damp or moisture and remains crack-free.

What’s more it is made from breathable raw materials – meaning it allows moisture evaporation and so protects backgrounds from the damaging effects of trapped water. This means that the product is also suitable for heritage repairs.

Dunlop Fibre Reinforced Smoothing and Filling Compound features our revolutionary Hydroloc which ensures that it dries quickly and evenly throughout whatever the temperature, humidity or thickness. This is because it uses a chemical reaction rather than evaporation to dry the filler.

Because it is so quick-drying, it is paintable in only two hours and dries brilliant white, as such reducing any risk of flashing or grinning.

The product is really easy to use by simply mixing two parts powder to one part by volume of clean water (as a guide 2kg of powder requires approximately 1ltr of water) until a smooth consistency is achieved. The product can then be applied with a trowel, blade or filling knife in one application to the required thickness.

After 40 minutes the product can then be smoothed to the required finish for up to 20 minutes once hardening commences, eliminating the need for sanding.

Even at very thin bed depths the product creates a hard, crack free and sound surface which is not affected by water, silicate or solvent-based paints.

There is no need to top-up, but if you so wish you can skim the repair over with a product like our ready-mixed Fine Surface Filler (internal only).

Dunlop Fibre Reinforced Smoothing & Filling Compound and Dunlop Fine Surface Filler are just a number of products we have on our Pro Décor range for all types of repair prior to decorating.

The best news for decorators though – apart from the quality of our products – is our expert team of product support technicians and technical helpline.

Our team are always on hand to answer queries about our products or backgrounds that decorators are repairing.

This gives added peace of mind that our fillers and smoothers will provide the quality preparation required for a quality finish.

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