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The sun is out (well some of the time) and the heat is on, so of course it’s that time of year when decorators are asked to prepare and paint external surfaces.

Cracks and crannies in walls, steps, window ledges and door frames can all require extensive preparation work before painting can begin.

But what makes external preparation different from preparation of internal walls, ceilings, skirting boards and window frames?

Well for a start external areas are effected by the elements – wind, rain and frost – meaning any preparation products and finishes must be able to stand up to whatever the British weather throws at it.

For example, as any good decorator knows, any type of gypsum plaster or filler would not be suitable as it absorbs water and would break down.

Only a sand:cement render or cement-based filler is suitable for repairing external areas.

Here at Dunlop we have a number of filling products which are suitable for external use. Perhaps our most suitable product for external work is our Fibre Reinforced Smoothing & Filling Compound with Hydroloc.

Suitable for use internally or externally it is water permeable and reinforced with microfibers ensuring it remains crack-free even in areas subject to damp or at risk of water ingress.

Dunlop Fibre Reinforced Smoothing and Filling Compound contains Hydroloc technology – which makes it doubly suitable for external use.

Hydroloc technology means the product dries through a chemical reaction, not evaporation as is the case with traditional fillers. That means it dries evenly throughout whatever the external temperature or humidity, doesn’t slump or shrink and can be painted over in only two hours.

This ensures you’re not waiting around for the filler to dry, meaning you can get on with the job while the weather lasts!

What’s more, because of its enhanced formulation, it can be re-trowelled if necessary up to 20 minutes once hardening commences, eliminating the need for sanding. Even at very thin bed depths, the product creates a hard, crack-free and sound surface which is not affected by water, silicate or solvent-based paints.

It adheres direct to most surfaces including lime, cement-based plasters and renders, concrete masonry, facing bricks and does not require priming.

Dunlop Fibre Reinforced Smoothing and Filling Compound is easy to apply, just mix up as per pack instructions and then fill or smooth the area as required.

Other products which are suitable for use externally including Dunlop’s new Rapid Rescue Repair Filler with Hydroloc*.

Rapid Rescue is a fast-setting repair filler for making good around pipework, doors and window frames – as well as filling in chases, large cracks, holes and damage in cement-sand renders.

Ideal for tough emergency repairs, it can be used up to 50mm in thickness and can be cut or shaped after 20 minutes.

Coming in handy 1kg packs that are easily store in a van or toolbox, it is fully hard and drillable in 90 minutes. It also contains Hydroloc technology for rapid and even drying whatever depth it’s used at.

If you need to fill in external window or door frames, Dunlop Flexible Acrylic Filler decorators’ caulk is also suitable for external use. Non-cracking and non-crazing, it is ultra-smooth and highly flexible, meaning it is perfect for external areas which are at risk from movement. Compatible for most water-based and synthetic paints, it is paintable in only 60 minutes.

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