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Dunlopman says...

The answer is yes we can! Luckily we have a product in our Pro Décor range which is perfect for covering Artex® and other difficult backgrounds – High Bond Renovation Filler with Hydroloc®.

Because it’s made with Hydroloc® technology it relies on a chemical reaction rather than evaporation to dry, meaning that it can be painted over in super-quick time.

Using High Bond is really simple, but before starting your job we would always recommend checking for the presence of asbestos before disturbing Artex®. Refer to a specialist if in doubt.

Start by de-nibbing the area using a trowel or knife to remove any high points or peaks, before ensuring the area is clean and free from dust.

Mix the product according to the pack instructions by adding powder to clean water. Using a drill mixer on a slow setting speed, introduce the water to the powder but do not fully mix. Wait approximately 2-3 minutes to allow the chemicals to wet-out, before re-mixing at a high speed until a smooth consistency is achieved.

Once the product is lump free it can now be applied to the wall or ceiling in a thin layer using a trowel. Do not try to cover all the ridges with the first application. After 2-3 hours, a second layer can be applied, making sure that all voids are filled.

To achieve a smooth finish use a trowel or smoothing blade before finishing off with a damp sponge to take out any imperfections and smooth with a trowel. If required, the area can be sanded down after 2-3 hours, before applying paint or wallpaper. What’s more, because it’s super-strong, it can be nailed or screwed after 24 hours.

Much easier than having to rip away the old Artex wallpaper or hiring in a plasterer which ultimately costs you time and money.

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