Dunlop Adhesives - Tile Adhesives Manufacturer


DUNLOP TILERS PRIMER is a ready to use acrylic primer suitable for use on wall and floor surfaces
prior to the application of Ceramic, Mosaic or Natural Stone Tiles in most interior and exterior situations including wet areas.

Procover Uncoupling Mat

DUNLOP PROCOVER UNCOUPLING MAT gives you the confidence to tile onto difficult floors which are at risk from stresses and accommodate lateral movement for the tile installation when used as a system with a recommended DUNLOP flexible cement based adhesive. Ideal for tiling internal floors such as timber and new sand and cement screeds, it is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens with most types of ceramics, natural stone and mosaics.

Large Format & Natural Stone Adhesive

DUNLOP LARGE FORMAT & NATURAL STONE ADHESIVE is a rapid-setting, semi-pourable, thick-bed floor tile adhesive suitable for fixing large format floor tiles, fully vitrified including porcelain, natural stone and terrazzo. It can also be used to level uneven floors – before fixing tiles a layer of adhesive can be applied up to 25mm thick. Suitable at 3-25mm thickness it is ideal for tiles/slabs of uneven thickness and uneven surfaces. The adhesive is water-resistant and can be used in interior & exterior areas including showers and swimming pools. Tiles can be grouted after 3 hours.

Floor & Wall Plus Tile Adhesive

DUNLOP FLOOR AND WALL PLUS TILE ADHESIVE is a water-resistant powder-based tile adhesive suitable for fixing floor and wall tiles including porcelain, fully vitrified, mosaics, quarry, brick slips and stone claddings. Suitable for interior and exterior areas including patios, tiles can be grouted 24 hours after fixing. DUNLOP FLOOR AND WALL PLUS TILE ADHESIVE is frost and water-resistant and can be used in showers, or under continuous immersion such as swimming pools.

Flexible Floor & Wall Grout

DUNLOP FLEXIBLE FLOOR & WALL GROUT is a water and frost-resistant powder based grout. Flexible and highly durable, it can be used for grouting natural stone, mosaics, glazed and porcelain tiles, in joints up to 20mm. Suitable for interior and exterior use, it is ideal for grouting tiles fixed to overlaid timber floors, heated screeds and swimming pools. Sets in 24 hours.


DUNLOP GX-500 FLEXIBLE GROUT is a water and frost-resistant powder-based grout suitable for use with both wall and floor tiles.  Ideal for grouting ceramic, porcelain, and mosaic tiles in interior and exterior locations including power showers (without body jets) and swimming pools.  The flexible nature of the product reduces the risk of cracking, leaving a super smooth but hard wearing finish without patchiness or surface discolouration.  Also suitable for use with brick slips, refer to Technical Department for advice.

For the perfect finish use with DUNLOP FX-90 SILICONE SEALANT, available in matching colours.