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Flexible Acrylic Filler

Non-cracking and non-crazing, Dunlop Flexible Acrylic Filler is most innovative decorators caulk on the market. Suitable for use internally or externally, it is compatible for most water-based and synthetic paints and is paintable in only 60 minutes.

High Bond Renovation Filler With Hydroloc™

Ideal for smoothing Artex ®, Dunlop High Bond Renovation Filler can be applied up to 10mm thick and thanks to HydrolocTM technology the product dries evenly at any thickness after 24 hours. Its non-shrink formulation provides an improved background for painting, while it can be smoothed with a damp sponge eliminating the need for sanding.

Ultra Fine Wall Smoother

Dunlop Ultra Fine Wall Smoother is perfect for repairing small imperfections, holes and joints up to 10mm deep which require filling. The extra fine formulation can achieve a true feather edge making it ideal for achieving a high quality, smooth finish. Tension free and non-shrink it provides an improved background for painting or wallpapering.

Fine Surface Filler

Brilliant white and ready to use, Dunlop Fine Surface Filler is perfect for filling in scratches, dents and small holes, or to smooth minor surface damage prior to decorating.