Dunlop Adhesives - Tile Adhesives Manufacturer

Shower Waterproofing Kit

The Dunlop Shower Waterproofing Kit has been especially designed to make the job of waterproofing a shower area quick and easy. Used prior to fixing wall tiles, the kit ensures a watertight barrier preventing water penetration into water sensitive backgrounds such as plasterboard and may be applied to wall angles, corners, around pipe penetrations and structural fixtures.


Sbr Universal Bonding Agent

DUNLOP SBR UNIVERSAL BONDING AGENT is a high quality, water-based synthetic polymer, suitable for priming, sealing or dustproofing surfaces prior to the application of ceramic tiles. It is also a suitable admixture for the preparation of screeds, rendering, plaster and slurry bonding coats.

Waterproof Wall Tile Adhesive

DUNLOP WATERPROOF WALL TILE ADHESIVE is a ready-mixed tile adhesive specially formulated for fixing ceramic and mosaic wall tiles in all internal showers, bathrooms, toilet areas, kitchens and worktops. The excellent non-slip characteristics reduce the need for battens, even when fixing heavier wall tiles.


DUNLOP FX-90 SILICONE SEALANT is an ideal sealant for jointing tiled walls and floors in interior and exterior locations as well as gap filling and sealing around showers, baths, sinks and worktops.

Available in a range of colours to match DUNLOP GX-500 FLEXIBLE GROUT.