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Filling in chases

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David Rowley says...

The trouble with a gypsum-based filler is the speed at which is dries. Depending on the thickness, you’re looking at anywhere between three to 24 hours before the product is surface dry and therefore able to take wallpaper or paint. What’s more, you often get issues with slumping and shrinking, meaning you need to re-fill.

Luckily speeding up this process is easy with Dunlop Rapid Rescue Repair Filler. By using this product you can fill the chase in one application and paint over just 90 minutes later, without any risk of slumping or shrinking.

How does this work, you may ask. Well it’s simple… Unlike gypsum products, which rely on water evaporation, our Hydroloc® products use the mix water as part of a chemical reaction to dry the filler.

And because it dries so quickly, it means you can overfill the chase or area of damage, leave for 45 minutes, then simply sand down or use a skimming blade or trowel to smooth it off.

A simple and effective way of filling in chases without the long wait, or endless re-fills.


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