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Lino Ciriaco says...

Hi Richard, this is a great question and one we often get asked. While a lot of myths exist about laying floor tiles onto tongue and groove floorboards, the truth is that if you follow a few simple rules it’s no more difficult than tiling onto any other background.

The most important thing to consider before tiling tongue and groove is the preparation. Firstly ensure all the floor boards are first secured and free from dust, oil, grease or any other contaminated

You should always prime tongue and groove floorboards with two coats of a primer such as Dunlop SBR Universal Bonding Agent diluted one part bonding agent to two parts water before tiling. You can apply this easily with a brush or roller – just remember to allow each coat to dry. (second coat applied at 90⁰ to the first) If the floorboards aren’t level then consider preparing the floor with Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Leveller.

When tiling onto tongue and groove floorboards always use a flexible tile adhesive such as Dunlop 2-Part Rapidset Flex. A flexible tile adhesive will absorb any movement within the floor boards and protect against cracking or de-bonding of the tile.

To further protect against cracking or de-bonding of your tiles, why not use an uncoupling mat system like Dunlop Pro Cover. Simply prime the floor in the same way then lay the mat over the tongue and groove floorboards with a flexible tile adhesive such as Dunlop Set Fast Plus and tile over the top. Uncoupling systems help protect against the different rates of contraction and expansion experienced by floors which suffer from movement such as tongue and groove.

When grouting, use a flexible grout such as Dunlop GX-500 Flexible Floor and Wall Grout.  This will also help protect against movement found with tongue and groove floorboards.

I hope that helps, but if you need anymore information , why not call our Technical Helpline on 01782 591 120.


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