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Tile Adhesives

Here at Dunlop Adhesives, we pride ourselves on creating products that are high quality and reliable. Whether that’s wall tile adhesive products or floor tiling adhesive applications.

We put all our products through extreme testing conditions to meet the required standards and regulations set by the adhesive industry. So that when our products are used, not only are they safe to the highest standards they can be, they are built to last for the end user.

Take a look at the various products and applications we manufacture to see which one you need. Then, find out where you can buy the product nearest to you to collect the product. 

Our products are featured in many retail stores across the UK. Use our handy tool to find out where your nearest Dunlop Adhesive products are.

Wall Tile Adhesive

We manufacture high quality tiling adhesives that are fit for every purpose. All of our products are made with the end user in mind. Mixing versatility with durability which ultimately creates a final product that’s made to last.

We have a wide selection of wall tiling adhesive products to choose from, it really depends on the project you’re working on. 

So it’s best to do some research before you find a stockist to buy your products. Just take a look at any of our wall tiling products to see the features and benefits and why they might be just what you’re looking for.

Floor Tile Adhesives

Along with our wall tiling products, our floor tiling adhesive products are manufactured and rigorously tested to make sure they’re of the highest possible quality and safety.

Whatever project you’re working on, we’re sure you can find the right floor tiling products with Dunlop Adhesives. Take a look at our wide range of products to see which would best suit your needs.

Our product pages are made with lots of useful information such as features and benefits, along with datasheets and testimonials, so you can hear from people who have used our products.

Once you’ve done your research on which floor tiling adhesive products you need, take a look at where you can buy them near you and collect them on the same day.

Versatility and Durability

All our products are made for a variety of surfaces such as kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and other areas of your house, all of which are quick-drying, anti-mold and even waterproof solutions. They can also be applied to different tile types from porcelain to stone. So whichever you choose, wall or floor tile adhesive products, we can guarantee they’re versatile and built to last.

If there's something in particular that you're looking for but can't find - speak to our friendly team today.

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