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Trade days

At Dunlop we are keen to ensure you have the knowledge to use our products with confidence. That’s why we regularly hold Trade Days at stockists across the country.

Come along and speak to our technical team about the latest Dunlop innovations, view demonstrations, pick up merchandise and discover the latest product promotions.

There’s no need to book in advance, simply find an event near you with our online calendar and come along on the way to see why Dunlop is a pioneering manufacturer of tiling and decorating products.

Dec 13 2017

Trade Event – Cardiff

Selco Builders Warehouse Cardiff, Cardiff

Join the Dunlop team at Selco Cardiff for product demonstrations on new Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Leveller.

What’s more, get giveaways and great deals on the day!

Dec 13 2017

Trade Morning – Bristol

Selco Builders Warehouse – Bristol, Bristol

Find out about new Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Leveller at Selco Bristol with Martin Pouncey and the Dunlop team.

What’s more pick up freebies and great deals on the day!!

Dec 18 2017

Trade Day – Solihull

Selco Builders Warehouse – Solihull, Solihull

Join the Dunlop team at the opening of the new Selco Builders Warehouse in Solihull. Find out about the Dunlop range of tile adhesives, grouts, levellers and sealants, pick up tiling advice and freebies and get great deals on the day!